Mistress of the Game - Ingyenes Letöltés

The Blackwell family were an enigma, rich and powerful beyond compare. Kate, Tony, Eve and Alexandra had a life of dreams, but their dreams were born of greed, ambition and murder. Now that tainted legacy passes to the next generation. Lexi Templeton, kidnapped and abused by her captors - will her terrifying past force her to bring down the very empire that created her? Robbie Templeton, Lexi's older brother, once despised by his father and confused about who he really is. Max Webster, the only child of scheming Eve... one day the Blackwell billions will be his. Only Lexi Templeton stands in his way. Sidney Sheldon's Master of the Game chronicled the lives of a family cursed by their own power and success. Now the story continues, twisting and turning to a mind-blowing climax.

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